Friday, June 17, 2016

WTF New York Peppermint Patty and Barbasol Brisk

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Friday, June 17,2016
Shavette: Feather Professional Artist Club SS
Blade: Feather Professional Super (7)
Soap: WTF New York Peppermint Patty
Brush: Omega S   
Post shave:, witch hazel, PAA alum, Barbasol Brisk aftershave and the beard balm - The Distinctive Goat Bourbon scent.

Wet The Face New York Peppermint Patty smells just like the the chocolate covered peppermint candy. The soap has a nice cool feel which is much needed with heat indexes reaching over 100 degrees. Performance of the is at the top IMO. So yes ... I really like this soap. The uniqueness and performance of the soap make a nice addition to any den.!cord-cutter-box/b2mj7/fece0629-0c16-e364-5bc9-b2f2fdbe09f3

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