Sunday, July 17, 2016

Men's Soap Everest Lavender and Van Yulay's Cedar aftershave balm

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Sunday, July 17,2016
Shavette: PAA Shavette World
Blade: Feather (1)
Soap:  Men's Soap Everest Lavender 
Brush: Omega boar hair  
Post shave:, witch hazel, PAA alum, Van Yulay's Cedar aftershave balm and the beard balm - Maestro's Beard Butter Spirited Blend.

Here are my first impressions of the Man's Soap Everest Lavender and Van Yulay's Cedar aftershave balm with the Shavette World shavette. The shavette has a DE Feather blade snapped in half with this being the first use. My thought was that this would be a good test for a new soap or a disaster. Feather blades are known to be sharp and not to be the most comfortable on the first one or two shaves. The soap in the plastic tub is a hard puck and lathered as expected. A note about the tub is the soap fills most of the tub and has labeling on the side of the tub so the it can read as it is stacked with other soaps. Now the scent of the soap is light and I didn't notice the scent hanging around after the shave. To me scent is pleasant and light. I am one that likes a stronger scent but I am nit out off by the light scent.  Performance ... is it slick and does it has some cushion? In my opinion it has enough to be able use with a shavette and a smooth, comfortable shave. Is there soaps out there that are slicker ... yes. But this soap has enough slickness to shave with a shavette in which to me means that the soap has met expectations in performance. I got a smooth shave without irritation from the soap or the shave.  The Feather blade will be used again tomorrow with expectations that the blade will be less "edgy". . Smooth shaves. 

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