Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Crown King Holiday and Pinaud Lime Sec

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Wednesday, August 3,2016
Shavette: Parker SRX
Blade: Derby Professional 
Soap:  Crown King Holiday    
Brush: Omega S
Post shave:, witch hazel, PAA alum, Pinaud Lime Sec aftershave.

Here it is from the label, Crown King Kokum Butter Shave Soap Holiday with Lime, Patchouli. The Gold of Shave Soap Decadence. This soft soap comes in a plastic tub with labeling on the cap and the side for easy identification when the soap is stacked. To me the labeling is important not just because of the stacking of the soap but for what it says. I read labels especially on vintage products. Some labels a very interesting to read because to me, it shows how advertising was done in that time period. For example "The Gold of Shave Soap Decadence" shows the pride in their soap and the confidence in their soap, the belief that their soap is the "Gold  Standard" if you will, of shaving soap. I don't think they are blowing smoke about their product, it is an outstanding product. It is creamy, smooth and enough slickness to shave comfortably with a shavette. Stay cool and smooth shaves. 

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