Friday, September 2, 2016

Feather shavette, Crown King U.S. Navygoat Lavender Bay with Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum.

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Friday, September 2,2016
Shavette: Feather Professional Artist Club SS
Blade: Feather Professional Super (10)
Soap: Crown King U.S. Navygoat Lavender Bay 
Brush: Vie Long horse hair
Post shave:, witch hazel, PAA alum, Clubman Virgin Island Bay Rum with Cremo beard balm.

Crown King, The Gold of Shave Soap Decadence. This soap, in my humble opinion, backs this statement up. I'm not sure if much more needs to be said about the quality of this soap. This mornings shave was the 10th use of the Feather Professional Super and final use of this blade. The blade felt fine on the WTG pass but the ATG pass was a bit tuggy. The alum report also supported the thought that it was time for a new blade. My whole face wasn't stinging with the use of the alum block but enough to know that it was time to change the blade. Tomorrow will be a different shavette .... the Classic Samurai. The Classic Samurai was one my first shavettes that I  started with. Smooth shaves. 

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