Tuesday, November 15, 2016

iKon El Jefe Blem/RazoRock, Wickham Soap Company Southsea Spray and Aqua Velva Ice Sport

Tuesday, November 15,2016
Razor: iKon El Jefe Blem with RazoRock handle
Blade: Feather Professional  Super
Soap: Wickham Soap Company Southsea Spray
Brush: Omega S 
Post shave:, witch hazel, PAA alum, Aqua Velva Ice Sport with Cremo beard oil.

This was a shave that gave me a lot of  insight into the excitement that surrounds single edge razors like this one. The head of the razor is an iKon El Jefe blem and the handle is from RazoRock. The only thing that I could see that was wrong with the head was the threads may not have been quite right but as you can see it was still quite usable. I tried a few handles with this head but had trouble finding a match until I tried the RazoRock handle. The blade that I installed in the razor was a Feather Super. For me it was a great choice because the shave was superb. Very pleased with this pairing of the head, handle and blade. The shaver was smooth and efficient much like the soap. Wickham Super Smooth is a awesome soap as well as the 1912 versions. All smiles this morning with excitement of a great shave. Stay safe and smooth shaves. 

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