Friday, December 23, 2016

Classic Samurai shavette, Van Yulay Holiday Berries and Black Cherry aftershave.

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Friday December 23, 2016
Shavette: Classic Samurai 
Blade: Perma-Sharp
Soap: Van Yulay Holiday Berries 
Brush: Envy Shave Facebook Shavette World 
Post shave:, witch hazel, PAA alum, Van Yulay Black Cherry and PAA Malbolge beard oil.

Holiday Berries from Van Yulay with an awesome presentation in that when you open the tub, there is a twig with a leaf with berries. It just look really cool and the scent and the performance is like the rest of the Soap of the Gods line of soap which works great for me. The soap comes in a plastic container that has four ounces of soap at $9.99 ... a pretty good price. I followed the shave up with Black Cherry and in my opinion, is a straight forward scent. The lather was whipped up with the Facebook group Shavette World brush in which is available with different kinds of knots. I'm thinking about getting another one with a different knot ... just giving some thought ... I am quite happy with the brush I have.  A very nice Friday morning shave and time for some Peppermint Bark coffee. Stay safe and smooth shaves.  

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