Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Feather shavette, Stache Soapworks Maxwell and LEA Classic.

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Tuesday, December 6,2016
Shavette: Feather Professional Artist Club SS
Blade: Feather Professional Super  (2)
Soap: Stache Soapworks Maxwell
Brush: Maggard  24mm
Post shave:, witch hazel, PAA alum, LEA Classic aftershave and PAA Malbolge beard oil.

Tuesday morning shavette shave with Maxwell. Maxwell is made up of Lavender, Spearmint, Orange, Tangerine, Bergamot, Sandalwood. I have two soaps from Erica, Maxwell and Sunday Morning. Both of these scents are most pleasant with performance to match. These soaps are available in two and four ounce tubs with matching aftershaves on Etsy. A nice morning shave for what will be a busy day. Stay safe and smooth shaves. 

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