Monday, January 23, 2017

Focus Slim Al shavette, Doo'd soap and Bravura aftershave.

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Monday, January 23, 2017
Shaver: Focus Slim Al
Blade: Perma-Sharp half blade 
Soap: Doo'd 
Brush: Omega S
Post shave:, witch hazel, PAA alum, Bravura aftershave and PAA Malbolge beard oil.
Monday morning shave with some new stuff, the Doo'd shave stuff and Focus Slim Al. I will start with th Doo'd shave stuff ... below will be the link to this soap, when a person opens the container, there is a clear soap in side that has a pleasant scent. I did a practice lather in the container yesterday and it lathered up just fine with the Omega S brush. A person may find that the soap may be a bit thirsty but still yet, easy to lather. During this mornings shave there was plenty of slickness for the new shavette that I was also trying out for the first time. How and why did I get this soap ... I was in Claremore, Oklahoma looking for shavers and found this in The Haberdashery with Parker DE razors and brushes ... yep I was filled with excitement. I have found a store where I could put my hands on razors, brushes and soap. To top it all off, Doo'd is made in Alabama.  

Now for the Focus Slim Al, my first shave with this shavette went well. Just like the video that was showing how balanced the shavette is, it is also very easy to find the correct angle with this shavette that is made of aluminum. This appears to be a well made aluminum shavette. Even though this shavette is light weight, I was still able to shave through my beard with minimum problems, a learning curve for me learning the correct blade for this shaver. The Perma-Sharp did well but tomorrow I will try a Feather DE blade and see how that works for me. Well my time is running short so, stay safe and smooth shaves. 

Doo'd Shave Stuff

Focus Slim Al

Focus Slim Al Green

The Haberdashery


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