Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fatip Grande, Van Yulay Mad Apple and Pinaud Citrus Musk

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Fatip Grande first impressions. A Derby blade on it's first use and Van Yulay's Mad Apple sample was pressed in a shaving mug. Pinaud Citrus Musk topped off the shave. The more I thought about the shave after I turned off the camera ... the more I realized how efficient the Fatip Grande is. This razor does lean towards the aggressive end of the scale and I wouldn't recommend this razor for a beginner but I would recommend it to someone who is seasoned. The quality of the razor ... as I have read ... may be hit and miss.  The finish of my razor isn't as nice as an Edwin Jagger but I also got my razor on sale for $10 ( a steal ).  For example on the cap there was very small scratches perhaps for polishing the cap. Not enough that I would send a $10 razor back but this razor usually sells somewhere closer to the $25 range. Would I buy another Fatip? Yes I will. I like shave I got with the Grande. The shave with the Grande gives me a different shaving than the rest of my razors which makes it stand out among the rest of y DE safety razors. This shave also peaks my interest in the Muhle R41 even more so. I am leaning more towards the thought that an experienced shaver could use this razor as a daily driver if that shaver so choose to do so. This was a thought provoking shave to say the least.

Fatip history

Fatip Grande

Pinaud Citrus Musk

Omega 10049 Pro

PAA Alum

Stirling Orange Beard and Pre-Shave oil

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