Thursday, June 1, 2017

Crown King shavette, TFS Pomeriggio and Stetson aftershave.

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Thursday, June 1, 2017
Shaver: Crown King shavette
Blade: Personna (3)
Soap:  TFS Pomeriggio
Brush: Mac Metalworks Acylester 22mm
Post shave: witch hazel, PAA alum, Stetson aftershave and PAA Malbolge beard oil.

The third use of the Personna blade went well this morning. I think it will last thru one more shave. Another nice shave this morning ... he alum block had very little to say about the shave. This razor and blade combination is a good match for me. I have realized that I have gotten much better shaving with a shavette than the first time that I shaved with the Crown King. I think by really working in the bloom water has helped a lot during my shaving experience. My time is short this morning. Enjoy the the picture of the pretty lady, stay safe and smooth shaves.

Tcheon Fung Sing Pomeriggio
Scent Pyramid:
Top Notes: jasmine, lemon, cassis
Heart Notes: coconut, mint, eucalyptus
Base Notes: vanilla, coumarin, pine

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