Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fine Superlite Slant, RazoRock Santa Maria Del Fiore Firenze soap and aftershave.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017
Shaver: Fine Superlite Slant
Blade: Crystal Platinum 
Soap:  RazoRock Firenze
Brush:  FaceBook Group Red Dirt Saving Society 
Post shave: witch hazel, PAA alum, RazoRock Firenze aftershave and Cremo beard balm.

This was the first shave with the Fine Superlite Slant with a Crystal Platinum blade on it's first use. This razor does glide across my face like the box says. This was a very efficient shave. This razor is about as efficient as a Muhle R41. I am going to say this again ... the razor really does glide across my face. I believe the glide is do to what the razor is made of ... the head does feel very smooth to the touch. Here is the highlights per the web site:   
  • Three Piece Razor (100% Interchangeable with vintage "Italian Barber" Bakelite Slants)
  • ABS Construction with UV Hardened Metallic Coating.
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Height: 82 millimeters
  • Metal m5x.8 Screw and Threaded Insert (will fit most handles)
  • Made in China
Fine is out of stock of this razor at the moment but the site mentions that the return is pending the review of the new material. So if you want this one ... I found Smallflower has it and there may be others that may have it but it sounds like they are changing up what the razor is made out of. Something to look for in the future. I got my razor from eBay so that may be another option if you are looking for one. As it goes for the soap and aftershave, well I have some thoughts of getting a second set in case they stop making it. I really like this soap and aftershave. If I had to pair down my shaving den, this would be one that I would make sure that there was a place for. It is time for me to get this posted, stay safe and smooth shaves.  

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