Thursday, August 31, 2017

Feather Artist Club SS, Tcheon Fung Sing Hercules and Colonel Conk Bay Rum aftershave.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017
Shaver: Feather Artist Club SS 
Blade: Feather Super (4)
Soap: Tcheon Fung Sing Hercules Scent: Liquorice and Lilac (per site)
Brush: Omega boar 
Post shave: witch hazel, PAA alum, Colonel Conk Bay Rum aftershave and Maestro's beard butter "Spirited Blend".

TFS Hercules is a very unique scent. of liquorice and lilac. Just about as unique as Colonel Conk's Bay Rum, a scent that different than the soap which isn't a bad thing just unexpected. Per my nose there is more of a rum scent to the aftershave in which I like. The Feather Super is still holding up quite nicely on the fourth use. A smooth and comfortable shave. Stay safe and smooth shaves. 

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